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Resilience Scan

Welcome to the Supply Chain Resilience Scan. Within 25 minutes, this scan will give you a resilience profile with insight in the strengths and potential vulnerabilities of your supply chain in regard to potential disruptions. Please enter your e-mail address below in order to enter the resilience scan (you will receive an email with a link).

After filling in the scan, you will receive a more detailed report of your supply chain’s resilience profile (this may take several business days. Please check your “Spam” folder).

The Resilience Scan is the result of research financed by TKI Dinalog and conducted by Windesheim, University of Groningen and Involvation, partnering with 18 companies (more information can be found here).

We take your privacy very seriously and treat your data with the greatest care. When processing personal data, we comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). If you have any questions, please contact contact@resiliencescan.nl.